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The Infertility Puzzle

Apr 01, 2011 01:15AM ● By Dr. Daniel Weber

February brings us Valentine’s Day. Our thoughts turn to candlelight dinners, roses, and chocolates and for some, it is the time to start or expand our families. Unfortunately close to 6 million women try to become pregnant each year, but are unable to do so.

Recently, infertility specialists have been focusing on factors outside of the reproductive system in order to solve the puzzle of infertility. More and more centers for infertility are partnering with acupuncturists, yoga centers and chiropractors. This may be why a study published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research (JVSR), a peer-reviewed scientific journal devoted to chiropractic research, is getting a lot of press; most of it very positive. The study, which was published in three parts, detailed a number of cases where infertile women undergoing chiropractic care became pregnant.

While some of these women went to the chiropractor with a view toward helping their fertility, others went merely to have their spines adjusted but then became pregnant while under chiropractic care.

To be clear, chiropractic in and of itself is not a "cure" or a treatment for infertility. However, what chiropractic does is to correct distortions in the parts of the body where the reproductive organs are located. It seems that doing so can sometimes lead to fertility.

"This is a heck of a lot less expensive and less traumatic than most fertility treatments. There's no reason a woman can't try getting her body to work properly before she tries more invasive procedures," says Dr. Jeanne Ohm, executive coordinator of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

Dr. Daniel Weber owns The Joint, a chiropractic place located at 3016 Lake Washington Rd in Melbourne. Each visit is only $20 and no appointment is necessary. For more information call 321-254-2828 or visit

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