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Are Bioidentical Hormones Right For You?

Apr 01, 2011 01:31AM

What is "bioidentical" hormone replacement? Is this a good idea for you? Bioidentical means that the hormone is indistinguishable from your own human-made hormone. Bioidentical hormones are synthetic, they are made in laboratories by a multistep process from a basic cholesterol building block usually derived from Mexican Yam. By the time the product is finished, it is indistinguishable from your own native hormones.

Much hormone replacement for women was done with oral horse-derived estrogens (usually Premarin) and progestogens (Provera). Premarin and Prempro (Premarin + Provera) rapidly fell into disrepute due to increased health risks associated with their use. The bioidenticals, however, are surging in popularity as alternatives that are associated with fewer adverse effects and are likely much safer. Recent investigations of the natural estrogen, Estriol, have added new enthusiasm to hormone replacement.

Some of these hormones are available only by prescription usually filled at a compounding pharmacy. Some, DHEA, Estriol and Progesterone, are still available over the counter. Balancing your hormones safely and effectively requires an individual prescription based on your own unique hormone profile and needs.

Whether you are a young woman with fertility challenges, a peri or postmenopausal woman looking for optimum health, or an older man with waning libido or performance challenges, you can benefit from knowing your hormone profile and from a unique prescription to put you in perfect balance.

Dr. Rank specializes in Internal Medicine using nutrition, hormonal balance, herbals, supplements, and acupuncture to achieve wellness. Her office is located at 2415 S. Babcock St. Suite D in Melbourne. For more information call 321-984-1291.

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