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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Blue Morpho Organic Facials

Kate Gurecki, holistic esthetician at Blue Morpho, offers facials using certified organic, botanical skincare products. The process for a holistic facial is to first take into consideration the client’s diet, exercise, skincare routines, and stress management practices. The facial itself includes massage and stretching of neck and shoulders, aromatherapy, foot soaks, certified organic products, and naturoceuticals. Blue Morpho specializes in anti-aging and acne care.

“The holistic facial experience embraces an individual’s emotional and spiritual well-being, while providing an exceptional, deeply personal facial to awaken your inner glow and through the use of living botanicals to reveal a youthful, luminous, and natural complexion,” says Gurecki. “A Blue Morpho holistic facial truly heals and nurtures, always with loving hands and intention.”

Blue Morpho is located at 320 Fourth Ave, Indialantic. Facials are by appointment only, Tuesday-Friday 9am-8pm, Saturday 9am-4pm. The website offers ongoing holistic lifestyle blogs, facial menu, philosophy, holistic pledge, and an introduction to their holistic esthetician. For more information call 321-698-2368 or visit and