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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

New MELT Class in Vero Beach

Christine Purdy, an Advanced MELT Method Instructor, announces her Friday morning class at Christi's Family Fitness in Vero Beach. MELT is offered for people of all ages. Participants in the class will learn how to use MELT balls for the hands and feet and a soft roller for the whole body.

“The MELT Method is an easy self-treatment that helps to reconnect, rebalance, release, and rehydrate your body. It can improve your range of motion, balance, and joints,” says Purdy. “Science has revealed that most pain in the body is caused by connective tissue dehydration and nervous system imbalance, not by muscle overuse or joint compression. MELT rehydrates connective tissue, increases core responsiveness, and it is the first program designed to boost performance by focusing on the neuro-fascial system.”

Purdy is also available for private and semi-private instruction at Christi’s Family Fitness, and holds a variety of classes, intensives, and private sessions in Melbourne at Custom Fit of Brevard Downtown, at Connectivity Movement Center, and at the Sea Oaks Fitness Center.

Christi’s Family Fitness is located on Old Dixie Hwy in Vero Beach. For more information, contact Christine at 914-497-4375 or email [email protected]