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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

In Person, Phone or Online Healings and Readings with Beth

Experience the compassionate healing and insightful readings of Beth Vargas. Let Beth help you come into alignment with your Divinity/

Aura Adjustment and Clearing – Clears out the unwanted energies and realigns the aura creating a sense of wellbeing.

Chakra Clearing and Balancing – When chakras are blocked we feel out of balance and will often have trouble in different areas of our life.

Cord Cutting – Cords are dysfunctional attachments. Beth assists Archangel Michael in this process. Please note that thread of love can never be cut or harmed during this service.

Angel Therapy – The Angels often have messages and homework based on what they see. Angels help move energy through our physical body as well as the mental and emotional bodies to assist us.

Crystals –Every crystal has its own healing properties. The crystals are often used in conjunction with one of the other energy modalities.

Karuna Reiki ® - Reiki is used here to mean energy. This is a very powerful energy technique. It adds many layers when combined with Usui or alone.

Usui/Tibetan Reiki –“A Japanese technique to reduce stress and promote healing on levels.” Once we can reduce our stress response the body can do what it is designed to do, heal itself! Reiki heals on all levels.

Meditation Therapy and Instruction – Meditations designed to help you to heal or work on specific areas of your life. Sessions may be recorded.

Soul Retrieval –During a trauma we can lose a piece of ourselves. We make contact with that missing soul facet to discover what needs to be done to create a sense of safety and love for it to return home.

Sound Healing Sessions – Sound is energy and vibration that can heal in many ways. We have many different tools.

Spiritual Coaching – We work on all areas of life to help you reach and fulfill your soul potential.

******** All services work in conjunction with conventional medicine ********

Date & Time

Weekly on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

Apr 02, 2024 through Dec 29, 2024

10:30AM - 2:00PM


Call for in person location. - Also offered on Zoom, Vero Beach, FL, 32962 Also offered on Zoom Vero Beach 32962 FL US

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