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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

April Full Moon Sound Healing

Harness the Power of the Pink Moon

While many seem disappointed the Pink Full Moon isn’t actually pink. This moon brings a strengthening of your intuition. A springtime and new beginnings, a time to celebrate, a time to reflect and a time to receive. A potent time to dream and manifest. Celebrate with a crystalline sound immersion. The Pink Moon spiritual meaning is all about optimism for the future and the anticipation of goals and dreams coming to fruition. Sound therapy helps us transform our brain waves into a profoundly restorative state, which activates the body's self-healing system. The vibration of the sounds assists you in shaking things out of you, like releasing stuck emotions, reducing pain, reducing anxiety. Sound healing is known for igniting your creativity, elevating your mood, and achieve a deep sense of peace and relaxation. Sound vibration harmonizes every cell of your body, restoring balance with your Divine self.

Date & Time

April 5, 2023

6:00PM - 7:30PM


Elliott Museum - 825 NE Ocean BLVD, Hutchinson Island, FL, 34996 825 NE Ocean BLVD Hutchinson Island 34996 FL US

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