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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Our Aroma

West Melbourne



Our Aroma  offers Pure Essential Oils and Atomizing Diffusers for potent aromatherapy. They create high quality products with simple plant-based ingredients found naturally. “Tested for purity by 3rd party laboratories, Our Aroma Essential Oils enhance your wellbeing when used in Our Aroma diffusers or topically,” says Founder Paul Prior.


Our Aroma has deep roots in the trade and movement of agricultural products around the globe. Their expertise is to work with small-scale farmers that farm without harmful chemicals. 


Products offered: Our Aroma atomizing diffusers break the essential oils and scent blended oils into 2.5 micron size particles for beautiful, pure scents throughout the home, business or even outdoors. Their diffusing solutions are available as portable or fixed install units.


Areas of specialty: Essential oils are often used for skin ailments, chronic pain relief, to kill bacteria, funguses and viruses, and for relaxation or mood enhancement. 


Philosophy: As a natural scent company, Our Aroma creates beautiful smelling homes and retail spaces. “Our Essential oils are the cornerstone to all of our products because it makes scents,” says Prior.


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