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Protection from Electromagnetic Radiation Available

Henry Eckstein, A Building Biology Electromagnetic Radiation Specialist (EMRS), can find the sources of harmful electromagnetic radiation in your home, school, or workplace, and help to reduce or remove them.

“Every species of life on earth depends on natural forms of electromagnetic radiation, such as the sun, for their wellbeing and even survival,” explains Eckstein. “Since the late 19th century, new man-made forms of electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) have had a negative biological impact on all forms of life. These life-damaging effects have been documented through thousands of peer reviewed scientific studies.”

EMF’s are produced by cell phones, WIFI, smart meters that measure your home’s electricity use, bad wiring in the home, and more. “Often the ill-effects from these EMF’s can be experienced without realizing their cause,” says Eckstein. These symptoms include: insomnia/sleep disturbances, headaches, sharp pains, tingling, numbness, pressure in head/throat/chest/ears, tinnitus, dizziness, balance issues, electrical buzzing or ‘zapping’ in head, visual/hearing disturbances, eye irritation, short-term memory loss, mental/thought block, concentration problems, skin rashes, eczema, chronic dehydration, insatiable thirst, altered heart rate, palpitations, blood pressure anomalies, tremors, tics, seizures, extreme fatigue, joint dysfunction, musculoskeletal pains, increased chemical sensitivity and/or allergies, sensory overload, and the inability to rest, relax, and heal.

Henry Eckstein, EMRS, is located in Viera. For an invite to a free zoom Q&A on Electromagnetic Radiation and Our Health  January 14 from 9:30-11:30 a.m. visit For more information, visit or 303-306-8793 for a free Discovery Call.