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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Regression Therapy Available by Video Conference or In-Person

Holistic Therapist, Crisanne Galaske is celebrating her 15th year in practice. She offers Regression Therapy, a fundamental aspect of Past Life Regression, which investigates the unconscious mind with the intention of helping the participant to heal their past and present.

Regression Therapy can assist with disconnecting from traumatic situations from the past. These experiences may still be happening in the subconscious mind contributing to phobias, panic disorder, severe depression, anxiety, chronic physical pain, severe skin pathologies, and other physical issues. “Many issues can be greatly improved or self-healed through this gradual process,” shares Galaske.

Regression Therapy is a catalyst for expanding self-knowledge. “The participant is led by their mentor (i.e., guardian angel) through a gradual process that helps to better situate yourself in this current life, explains Galaske. “This may include remembering your progress of past lives to your fullest potential, your stays in the intervening periods after each past life, or your purpose or mission for this current life.” Remembering can help one overcome limitations and heal relationship issues (family, partner, etc.). Regression is not a religious, mystic, or esoteric treatment. It is a spiritual psychology to achieve one’s goals, goes beyond childhood or uterine-life, and can go further back, and/or forward to gain a more profound experience.

Galaske is offering free virtual Zoom meetings for more information. Sessions are available by video conference or in-person.

For more information, call 321-599-0222, email [email protected], or visit