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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Rebecca Hunton, MD

Radiantly Healthy MD

The Radiantly Healthy MD team is committed to helping you find answers to your complex health questions. Rebecca Hunton, MD, along with Lisa Johnson, PA, and Kati Forholt, NP, start with an in-depth analysis of your health history from birth, then combine traditional medicine and natural options to create an individual plan to help women optimize their health and vitality.


SERVICES/OFFERING: Functional and Integrative Medicine, IV Vitamin Therapy drip lounge. Anti-aging protocols including analysis of genomics, lifestyle, cognitive status, body composition, laboratory and imaging results to take a ‘deep dive’ into each patient’s unique status.


CONDITIONS TREATED: Solutions for conditions that are not solved by a traditional approach including fatigue, hormone imbalances, mood swings and depression, insomnia, and weight gain. 


METHOD: In-person and via tele-medicine.


INSPIRATION: “We are women owned, women staffed, and are inspired every day by our patients’ willingness and eagerness to make lifelong changes and take control of their health. There is no bigger reward than watching them regain their vitality.”


PATIENT EXPERIENCE: “Dr. Hunton received a dozen yellow roses from the patient’s very thankful husband. He wanted to express his gratitude for giving him his wife back. She had struggled with depression, mood swings, and weight gain without resolution from other medical professionals.”


150 5th Avenue, Ste A, Indialantic