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Neurofeedback Available in Indian Harbour Beach

Marly Jones is honored to be able to offer neurofeedback technology to the community. Her personal experience with Lyme disease compounded by grief after the loss of her father was the catalyst for purchasing her NeurOptimal technology. 


Neurofeedback helps break up persistent patterns by mirroring them back so that the brain can self-correct and improve resilience and adaptability. Brain training helps support the brain and central nervous system to recover from anxiety, trauma, PTSD, depression, addiction, insomnia, migraines, chronic pain, mental disorders, and many other challenges.


“I had a personal transformation physically, mentally, emotionally and relationally,” shares Jones. “Aside from it helping with fatigue, chronic systemic pain, and anxiety/depression, I have experienced a radical change in my interpersonal relationships. My stress response is now calm, and my brain is regulated. I see and process things with an entirely new perspective.”


Harmony Neurofeedback clinic offers NeurOptimal training and a rental program for families to train at home. As Florida’s first NeurOptimal Associate, Jones can assist doctors, therapists or practitioners who would like to add neurofeedback to their wellness practice.


Jones hosts a private Facebook group where the “Neurofeedback and Neurotraining Tribe” can share information and experiences. The launch of her Brain Health & Wellness podcast is coming soon.


Harmony Neurofeedback is located at 1300 Pinetree Dr., Ste 9, Indian Harbour Beach. For more information, call 321-405-2795, join the Facebook group or visit

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