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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Certified Health Coach Offering Individualized Wellness Packages in Ft. Pierce

Joanne Seeger owner of Joanne's Nutrition and Wellness Center is excited to announce her completion of a Health Coaching program. Seeger explains, “Even after all the years I’ve worked in the holistic health and wellness community, this program has increased my insight to a wider range of benefits. I’ve already seen great results with my initial clients and am excited to share my new and ever-growing knowledge with many more.”

Seeger has been a dedicated provider of holistic health care products and services on the Treasure Coast for 26 years; even hosting a weekly radio show, Joanne’s World of Nutrition, for the past 15. “Ever since Covid hit, our products and services are on increasingly higher demand. I can see a shift in people’s understanding of how important managing their own health and wellness is. My goal is to teach how easy implementing healthy lifestyle choices can be and seeing the positive results in customers and clients as the years go by.”

Joanne’s Nutrition World and Wellness Center offers supplements, natural body care, biofeedback, blood analysis, and health coaching, as well as massage, ion foot cleanses, PEMF and infrared sauna sessions.

Joanne’s Nutrition World and Wellness Center is located in the old Historic Arcade Building, now known as Kraaz Square, 101 U 1 Ft. Pierce. 772-464-3598. Listen to Joanne’s World of Nutrition Wednesdays 10-11 a.m. on WPSL AM 1590.