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Cutting-edge Software for Heart Attack Prevention

Yale (Yoel) R. Smith, MD, at the Center for Anti-Aging Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Medicine is excited to be offering Cleerly technology for heart evaluation. This revolutionary software measures atherosclerosis in the blood vessels of the heart after a coronary computerized tomography angiography (CCTA) is ordered.

Arterial plaque can form lesions in the arterial wall. These lesions build up over time in the blood vessels supplying the heart (coronary arteries) and can then rupture causing a heart attack or Myocardial Infarction causing damage to the heart or sudden death. Research shows the average age for the first heart attack is age 65 for males and 72 for females. However, the age of sudden fatal heart attack is age 50.

“Heart disease killed nearly 700,000 individuals in the U.S in year 2020; this was twice that of Covid 19 in the same year,” says Dr. Smith. “Astonishingly, 70% of patients that suffer a heart attack are considered low risk by the traditional methods used. A comprehensive evaluation of the atherosclerosis plaque along with a holistic approach to heart health can prevent heart damage or a heart attack.”

For more information, call the Center for Antiaging Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Medicine (CAARM) at 321-421-7111. The CCTA is covered by insurance with appropriate diagnosis coding. CAARM, 7000S Spyglass Court, Ste 300, Viera.