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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Fort Pierce “A Course in Miracles” Study Group Welcomes Newcomers

The A Course in Miracles study group meeting weekly at Unity of Fort Pierce extends a cordial invitation to long-time students as well as newcomers who are curious to know what “the Course” is all about. While the course can be a self-study program, thousands of groups find value in meeting to study together and share learnings and insights.

Spiritual rather than religious in its perspective, the Course is ecumenical in its approach, although it uses Christian terminology to teach a universal message. “The aim of the Course is a peaceful mind. Under the guidance of our inner teacher, we gradually find ourselves shifting away from our ego perspective,” says Sue Quate. “The Course offers new ways of looking at situations that are more loving, setting us free from our grievances and limiting beliefs. It all begins when we are willing and able to see things differently.”

The meetings are held in a discussion-based format and newcomers are welcome at any time. “The insights gained from fellow students are priceless as we help each other understand and apply the spiritual principles in our daily lives,” says Quate.

A Course in Miracles study group meets in person each Monday from 7 to 8:15 p.m. at Unity of Fort Pierce, 3414 Sunrise Blvd, Fort Pierce.