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Space Coast Thermography Celebrates 5th Year of Helping Women in Brevard County

Kristen Barry, Ph.D., CTT has been providing individuals in Brevard County with Radiation-Free and Compression-Free, Non-Invasive Thermal Imaging for five years. Medical thermal imaging is FDA approved as an adjunct screening tool for the detection of breast cancer and other uses such as: peripheral vascular disease, neuromusculoskeletal disorders, thyroid gland abnormalities, metabolic and inflammatory conditions, dental pathologies, and various other inflammatory conditions.
Dr. Barry utilizes the highest resolution camera system on the market, follows very strict protocols when imaging, has a board-certified Medical Doctor read the images and provides each patient with a report, images (in color and black and white), and other educational materials. 

She works with women to help obtain grant funding for breast screenings and recommends other providers in the county if needed for follow-up. “If you have implants, have dense breast tissue, have fibrocystic breast disease, or want to avoid radiation and compression, then breast thermography is what you should consider,” says Barry.

Space Coast Thermography is located at 7125 Turner Rd, Suite 101 in Rockledge (off Suntree Blvd). Online booking available. For more information, call 321-574-9014 or visit