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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Holistic Healing Practitioner Located at Nurturing Sol Healing Arts in Rockledge

Heather Leah Boreske, owner of Nurturing Sol Healing Arts, offers a variety of healing modalities including assisted lymphatic drainage, Mayan abdominal massage, craniosacral therapy, reiki, and many others. She believes in offering very practical and grounded ways of supporting others on their path to embodied wellness, while also addressing the more mystical components of illness through spiritual and emotional healing.

Over the past two decades, Boreske has expanded her knowledge of the human body, the role the mind and emotions play in physical illness, and the healing of the spirit. “All modalities complement each other and are imperative to overall health and wellbeing,” explains Boreske. “By nourishing the nervous and digestive systems and keeping the lymphatic system clear and functioning properly, we are enhancing immune function and the body’s ability to heal on deeper levels.”

She is a natural healer who holds a degree in Contemplative Psychology with a focus in Somatic Therapy from Naropa University. She has been a Licensed Massage Therapist for over 22 years and holds multiple certifications in specialized massage and healing modalities. Boreske has also had the honor of learning cross-cultural forms of energy healing and Shamanism since 2008 and has been a certified Yoga Instructor since 2006.

Heather Leah Boreske, BA, LMT is located at Nurturing Sol Healing Arts, 5595 Schenck Ave., Suite 8, Rockledge. For more information, call 941-248-9127 or visit