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Dr. Haig John Announces Second Location in Suntree

Dr. Haig John, Your Family Chiropractor, is pleased to announce a second location in Suntree in addition to his downtown Melbourne office. Your Family Chiropractor is a family-centered practice that prides itself on gentle, compassionate care for every member of the family.

Dr. John is committed to creating a natural and healthy environment for the body to help it function at its very best. He does this with specific chiropractic adjustments on subluxated vertebrae. “We have a gentle approach that is safe and effective for newborns, pregnant moms, the elderly and everyone in-between,” says Dr. John.

Dr. John believes that a better world starts with well-adjusted babies. “We have an innate intelligence that flows through the brain and nervous system to give us our natural ability to heal and function,” explains Dr. John. “The immune system, cardiac system, digestive system, cell replication and every system of the body is managed by the innate intelligence. Chiropractic helps your innate intelligence communicate at its very best.”

Your Family Chiropractor, 520 East New Haven Ave., Downtown Melbourne and 7720 N Wickham Rd., Suntree/Viera at the Boardwalk in Suntree shopping center. For more information, call 321-722-5846 or visit



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