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Harmony Neurofeedback Offers Brain Training in Indian Harbour Beach

Harmony Neurofeedback is passionate about brain health and healing through neuroplasticity brain training. NeurOptimal Dynamical Neurofeedback provides an opportunity through brain training for people to become more adaptive and flexible in the face of stressors allowing the mind to be more calm, comfortable and confident.

“Negative thoughts, to-do lists, and life’s stressors are always there to overwhelm our brains and can throw us into fight or flight mode. Over time this can impact our bodies causing anxiety, chronic systemic pain, lack of sleep and depression. These are just a few of the side effects of untreated stress,” says owner Marly Jones.

During a NeurOptimal training session, special sensors are attached to the scalp to gather data on the electrical activity of the brain. While training the patient listens to a music soundtrack with skips, pauses and interruptions. “Brain training is like going to the gym and the spa at the same time,” says Jones. The NeurOptimal program acts as a mirror for the brain to see itself in order for it to make changes, synchronize and bring the focus back to the present moment. This form of neurofeedback is entirely led by the person who is training which allows the body to decide the healing priority.

“We want people to experience harmony, clarity, balance and synchronization in their life,” says Jones.

For more information, call 321-405-2795 or visit Harmony Neurofeedback is located at 1300 Pinetree Dr, Ste 9, Indian Harbour Beach.