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Tips for Proactive Breast Health

Sep 30, 2021 10:15AM ● By Katie Ainsley

As we embrace Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October, here are some ways to be proactive about your breast health and to help prevent breast disease.


Eliminate Toxins

Toxins can be found in household cleaning products as well as cosmetics. Harsh chemicals found in household cleaners and beauty and body products are harmful to overall health and can  disrupt your endocrine system, create hormonal imbalances and even cause breast cancer. The body absorbs the toxins when you apply products to the skin, especially to the underarm area where there are several lymph nodes that directly relate to the breast. Lotions, deodorants, perfumes and make-up products can contain toxins that are detrimental to breast health. Switching to clean, natural, plant-based cleaning products and cosmetics are best for overall health.



Physical activity helps with mental clarity, maintaining a healthy weight, decreasing estrogen, and preventing disease by strengthening the immune system. Exercising increases the oxygen in the blood, which is helpful in preventing cancer cell growth. Movement helps lower body fat and maintain optimum weight; and working out provides an outlet for clearing the mind and releasing tension. 


Regular Screenings

It is important to consistently perform monthly breast self-checks as well as annual well-women checks with your doctor. Incorporating thermography screening is helpful to prevent breast disease. Thermography is a breast screening tool that shows the changes in the breast tissue and detects breast cancer cells years before they form a tumor. It is a non-invasive and a pain-free, proactive screening test. Annual structural tests such as mammogram, ultrasound or MRI are all helpful ways to monitor breast health as well. 


Katie Ainsley is the owner and thermographer at Thermography of Brevard. They have three locations serving Brevard and Indian River Counties in Melbourne, Merritt Island and Vero Beach. To learn more, visit or email [email protected] Call 321 312-0363 to schedule an appointment.



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