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Royal John Natural Cream Soothes Genital Herpes

Lelia Cahill, Founder of Royal John, is pleased to offer natural relief for those that suffer from genital herpes. Royal John’s Genital Herpes Cream is comprised of all-natural ingredients including echinacea, lady slipper, purslane, golden seal, lemon balm, witch hazel, licorice, tea tree and black cumin.

“35% of American adults have genital herpes,” says Cahill. “While there is not currently a cure, it is important to find comfort and relief from symptoms naturally with a product you can trust.”

The formula is designed to temporarily relieve pain and swelling due to genital herpes using all-natural plant-based ingredients and no chemicals. This cream-based formula is easy to use for management of bothersome symptoms.

Cahill brings more than 28 years of expertise in development and research. She has worked with the National Development and Research Institute, as well as many brilliant doctors.

“Statistically speaking everyone knows someone who has herpes, but not many people talk about it, a big reason is the stigma it carries. It's a normal, non-life-threatening part of a lot of people's lives. My hope is to remove the stigma of genital herpes and give relief to the symptoms until we find a cure,” says Cahill.

For more information or to order, visit, email or call 570-730-8153.