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Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular Welcomes New Doctor in Port St Lucie

Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular in Port St. Lucie welcomes Dr. Kevin Claudeanos to their team. Dr. Claudeanos brings 13 years of surgical experience to the practice which is dedicated to the prevention and treatment of circulatory issues.

“Circulation problems can happen anywhere in your body but what’s most overlooked is problems in your legs,” explains Practice Manager, Janet Gaynor. “Leg pain, if not a muscle, joint or nerve issue, is most likely caused by poor circulation. Cold feet, swollen ankles, restless leg syndrome or a wound that just won’t heal are also signs of circulatory issues.”

Not just a cosmetic issue, varicose veins are often a telltale sign of poor circulation. Painless non-invasive treatments are available and often covered by insurance. If not treated, varicose veins can lead to more serious issues. “Here at Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular we are dedicated to treating these issues early. We offer free screenings to identify and address concerns before they interfere with your daily life,” adds Gaynor.

If you or a loved one suffer from any of these symptoms a free screening may be just what the doctor ordered. For more information, call 855-33-VEINS (83467). Treasure Coast Heart and Vascular is conveniently located near St. Lucie Medical Center at 1801 SE Hillmore Dr., Port St. Lucie.