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Release Deep Soft Tissue and Fascial Tensions with the Total Body Balancing Technique in Melbourne

Chad Taylor, a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT), at Massages With Purpose in West Melbourne is accepting new clients for Total Body Balancing (TBB). TBB is a relaxing total body approach, using long levers (arms, legs, head/neck or torso) and gentle rhythmic mobilization to release tension in the muscles, fascia, joint capsules and ligaments to improve circulation, nerve, and energy flow.

TBB also improves the patient's physiological function focusing on balancing organ mobility/motility, blood, lymph, body fluids, nerve, and energy flow while reducing swelling and pain. “You will see immediate changes in your functionality and pain levels,” shares Taylor.

TBB can be used in the treatment of back pain, sciatica, neck pain, headaches, rib pain, upper and lower extremity orthopedic dysfunctions, swelling, and postural asymmetry. Because of the gentleness and effectiveness of TBB, it is appropriate for the following patient populations: pediatrics, geriatrics, sports injuries, auto accidents, general orthopedic conditions, amputees, respiratory, and neurological patients.

“This is a unique therapy, as it can comfortably maneuver the body into the correct body mechanics to loosen and release the deep holds within the body” says Taylor. “Clients wear loose clothing throughout this therapy”.

For the month of September, first time clients will receive $15 off their first Total Body Balancing session. For more information and to view other services offered, visit MassagesWithPurpose.comor call 321-652-3946. Serving Melbourne and Palm Bay