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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Children’s Self-Awareness Workshops in Vero Beach Offered by ArtReach

ArtReach of Vero Beach owner and practitioner, Marcy Purdy, is excited to offer SoulCollage workshops to adolescents. Purdy is a Nationally Registered Art Therapist and is Board-Certified by the American Art Therapy Association. Since becoming a certified SoulCollage Practitioner in March of 2019 Purdy has received great feedback from participants of her adult workshops. Realizing that children too can benefit from this creative modality of self-awareness Purdy is now scheduling workshops throughout 2020 for children, using the MeCards4Kids methods. “This is an amazing modality that’s not only fun for kids but allows them to discover who they are by accessing their inner wisdom and connecting with their strengths as they mature into young adults,” explain Purdy.

Created by Nancy Weiss, a practicing psychotherapist and SoulCollage facilitator and Jane Raphael, a 30-year veteran teacher, MeCard workshops ask children questions about themselves only they are able to answer. The participants then create cards they can use when setting goals, getting through personal challenges and while making other important decisions. The idea is the cards can be used as a tool to stay true to themselves through all the changes and challenges that come with growing up.

For more information about SoulCollage, MeCards or Purdy’s upcoming workshops call 772-538-5532 or email [email protected].