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Dr. Yale R Smith Accepting New Patients for Integrative Medical Practice in Viera

Yale R. Smith, M.D. is pleased to announce the opening of his new integrative medical practice specializing in anti-aging medicine. 

Integrative medicine works on re-establishing a person's unique physiology by analyzing outside factors that impact health and well-being. “Stressors from the outside world lead to alterations of the body that can cause harmful diseases,” says Dr. Smith. “Such impacts will harm the human body at the cellular level wreaking havoc on the physiology.” The focus is to get to the root cause and stop the problem in its tracks.

Dr. Smith offers unique modalities including the PULS (Protein Unstable Lesion Signature) cardiac test. The PULS Test measures the most clinically-significant protein biomarkers that measure the body's immune system response to arterial injury. “These injuries lead to the formation and progression of cardiac lesions which may become unstable and rupture, and lead to death,” says Dr. Smith.

Another state-of-the-art treatment offered is Acoustic Pressure Wave Therapy (APWT), a time-tested procedure from Europe for men to improve sexual performance, treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and keep the penile tissue healthy. “This will benefit any man seeking to enhance performance or alleviate dysfunction,” explains Dr. Smith.

In addition, the medical spa offers services such as Botox and fillers, anti-aging treatments, treatments for acne, acne scarring, chemical peels, microneedling and more.

The Center for Anti-Aging Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Medicine is located at 7000 Spyglass Ct, Ste 300, Viera. For more information, call 321-421-7111 or visit

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