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Overcoming Burnout and Adrenal Fatigue Identify issues with Thermography

Oct 01, 2019 03:00AM ● By Zach Davey

by Jessica Schneider

Society today has become an overstimulating, competitive, no sleep for the weary, hustle-minded culture which has resulted in most women overcome with burnout and adrenal fatigue. This leads to hormone imbalances, weight gain, chronic fatigue and low immune system function. It is important to remember that our bodies were not hardwired to deal with this constant chronic stress that most of us engage in on a daily basis. The result of this lifestyle is that it wreaks havoc on our adrenal glands which then disrupts our overall hormonal system. 

The adrenals are two thumb sized organs that sit on the kidneys and are involved in the production of 50 hormones that drive almost every bodily function from balancing blood sugar, maintaining healthy blood pressure to producing sex hormones like estrogen and testosterone.  

Common symptoms of adrenal fatigue are: hormonal imbalances, hot flashes, weight gain around the abdomen, thyroid dysfunction, depression, insulin resistance, increased susceptibility to autoimmune conditions, chronic fatigue, decreased libido, hair loss, insomnia, irritability, low blood pressure and food cravings. 

Thermography is a great tool that can identify if you may have adrenal gland, thyroid and/or ovarian dysfunction that could be contributing to hormonal imbalances and the pesky symptoms listed above. If your thermography report indicates adrenal/ovarian/thyroid dysfunction, it is imperative to take inventory of your stress levels. Do you go to bed before 10 p.m.? Do you get 8 hours of sleep a night? Do you engage in exercise for at least 20 minutes a day? Do you meditate or practice deep breathing exercises throughout your day? Are you surrounded by negative, toxic draining people? Diet also plays a critical role in feeding the adrenal glands and balancing your hormones. If you start the day with sugar or simple carbohydrates, then you’re starting your day by elevating your insulin which will negatively affect your hormones. It’s important to avoid sugar and simple carbohydrates and focus on getting adequate organic healthy fats and protein at every meal. Eating healthy fats will balance your blood sugar and that has a positive effect on your overall hormonal picture. 

Adrenal health requires a 50/50 balance between a healthy lifestyle and supplementation. Adaptogen herbs, fish oil, B-complex, sea vegetables and minerals are all necessary to regaining adrenal health and improving overall hormonal balance.  

If you suspect that you may have adrenal gland dysfunction that may be causing your hormonal imbalances, a thermography scan and wellness coach may prove to be highly beneficial in helping to overcome this vicious cycle.

Jessica Schneider, CCT, Wellness Coach, is located at For Your Health Thermal, 6550 North Wickham Road, Ste 6, Melbourne. For more information, call 321-987-7893 or visit
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