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PreVasive USA Launches BigShot Mosquito Pro

Jerry Bond, Founder of PreVasive USA is excited to introduce their newest product, BigShot Pro. After 20 years of meta-analysis of USDA agriculture station research and five years of formulation trials, PreVasive USA, a Green Chemistry company based out of Georgia, announces they have completed their mission to create a pest control product that is 100% botanical and effective. “Not only for mosquito control, BigShot Pro is effective on a multitude of pests including spider mites, fungus gnats, ticks, mealybugs, ants, gnats, bed bugs and dozens of others—and here’s the kicker, using all food grade ingredients with the actives being USDA certified organic,” says Bond.

Bond explains, “In contrast to this country’s current acceptable mosquito control options, known to be toxic to not only humans but also air, water, fish, wildlife and pollinators, BigShot Pro is safe to all mentioned.” BigShot Pro was created for a wide range of uses including homes, medical facilities, commercial farms, home gardens, parks, marinas and more.

“Because it’s safe for use around children, pets, pollinators and water, BigShot Pro is the most revolutionary natural control for mosquitos and pests available today,” says Bond.

BigShot Pro is labeled as recognized safe by the EPA, USDA and the FDA and its active ingredients are exempted under 25(b) (GRAS) of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide act. For more information or to see ProVasive entire Green Chemistry line, visit or call Jodi Rita at 321-591-8290.

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