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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

VeroVita Holistic Health

Susan Young, PhD, ND

1925 20th Street, Vero Beach

304-203-4493 –

VeroVita Holistic Health - Vero Beach, FL, Susan Young who holds a PhD in Natural Medicine, determines each patient’s unique needs based upon a non-invasive physical exam, comprehensive discussion, and photographs of each eye. Also a Master Herbalist, she makes organic tinctures and herbal formulas from medicinal plants grown on her Appalachian Mountain farm. Typically, treatments incorporate herbal based protocols, natural supplements, and nutritional guidelines.

Wellness services offered: Iridology; customized herbal, vitamin, and mineral supplementation; nutritional guidance; LightWave LED treatments for anti-aging and pain management; radio frequency treatments; energy alignments; muscle testing, and clinical aromatherapy.

Areas of specialty: Expertise in treating digestive issues, nervous conditions, low energy, poor concentration, insomnia, poor circulation, inflammation, obesity, malnutrition, pain management, and Lyme.

Philosophy of healing: “The objective of holistic modalities is to restore a body to its natural state of health by treating it as a whole, rather than several independently operating systems or a particular disease,” says Dr. Young. “Modern allopathic medicine typically involves pharmaceuticals to make a person feel better, whereas natural medicine addresses the causes of the symptoms and works on eliminating them.”

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