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Lightwave LED Therapy Now Available

Dec 01, 2018 12:39PM

VeroVita Holistic Health now offers Lightwave LED therapy for both anti-aging and pain management. Their new state-of-the-art machine is an effective, non-invasive way to expose skin to specific wavelengths (colors) of light, so the body can combat the signs of aging and heal faster and more effectively.

“Blue Light of 415-420 nanometers is used for acne, 630-670 nm Red Light for collagen and elastin, and 830-880 nm Near Infrared Light reduces inflammation, reduces toxins, and increases circulation,” says Dr. Young. “The LightWave LED machine is very effective and its light penetrates more deeply into the skin than most machines on the market.”

According to Dr. Young, a series of 6 to 12 treatments is suggested, with sessions lasting between 20 and 35 minutes and continued use increases the amount of cell energy. The renewed cells multiply exponentially and all produce collagen, elastin, essential proteins and enzymes.

Dr. Susan Young PhD, ND, Irid, HHP, NC, MH, is located at VeroVita Holistic Health, 1925 20th Street, Vero Beach. Package pricing is available. For more information, call 304-203-4493 or visit

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