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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Five-Week MELT Method Workshop in Stuart

Amba Greene, Advanced MELT Method Instructor, is offering her 5th annual five-week workshop series on The MELT Method, a simple self-treatment technique featured on Dr. Oz. The workshop begins February 14 at YogaFish in Stuart.

MELT works by revitalizing the connective tissue system. Green shares that when this system is healthy it provides support, protection and stability for daily activities including movement, sleep, digestion and reactions to stress. MELT boosts the body’s natural ability to repair and heal itself.

“Due to aging and active living, this support system composed of 80% water, gets dehydrated, becoming more like a dry sponge instead of a juicy river and can no longer provide us with optimal functioning,” states Greene. “Drinking more water is not the solution if we are dehydrated on a cellular level.”

MELT offers simple, easy, fun techniques using soft rollers and balls, to reestablish the fluid and flow in the body. Workshop participants will learn all of the moves in the book and more.

“MELT is not in place of any exercise that you do, it’s the missing piece so you can stay active and vital for your life,” adds Greene.

You can also try MELT, with an afternoon workshop on February 11. Location: YogaFish, 569 S.E. Central Parkway, Stuart. For more information, call 772-219-9900 or visit