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Dr. Haig John

Jan 02, 2018 06:17PM ● By Your Family Chiropractor

Dr. Haig John,

Your Family Chiropractor

2100 Waverly Place, Historic Downtown Melbourne

321-722-5846 - GetChiro.NET

Dr. Haig John, Your Family Chiropractor, offers chiropractic care to anyone seeking to get and stay well naturally. Dr. John sees babies the moment they are born, elderly and everyone in between. He is very engaged in the profession by training Chiropractors and chiropractic students in the art of adjusting. He is also an international speaker in chiropractic philosophy and traveled to Brazil on chiropractic mission trips. His goal is to educate the people on what chiropractic is about and how it can enhance their lives. He also hosts meetings for local chiropractors in his office on a regular basis. “Our family-centered office and friendly staff are here to help you.” says Dr John.

Wellness services offered: Principled, hands-on Chiropractic care. Thompson, Toggle, Upper cervical, Full Spine.

Areas of specialty: Pregnancy, Webster Technique, Infants, Families, Wellness care.

Philosophy of healing: “The power that made the body heals the body, from above, down and inside out,” says Dr. John. “We remove the interference through a specific, gentle adjustment, so your body can heal. Natural care at its best!”

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