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Green Spring Cleaning With Norwex

May 02, 2017 03:00PM

Spring is a time for renewal, shaking off the stagnation of winter and sweeping in the fresh and vibrant. Many choose to do this by spring cleaning the whole house—Norwex makes a wide variety of products to help do this easier, faster, safer and still at a low cost.

The fast-growing Norwex company’s mission is to radically reduce the number of toxic chemicals people use to clean their homes, cars, bodies and pets by using Norwex’s healthier, non-toxic alternatives for home cleaners, skin care, pet products and even toothpaste.

“Our primary tool for reducing chemicals is through the best microfiber on the market,” says Derek Adams, Norwex Consultant. “90 percent of what we need to clean can be done organically simply by using the unique Norwex microfiber and water because the fibers act lite fingers to help clean surfaces mechanically instead of chemically."

To host a party either in your home or online, contact Derek Adams at 505-227-3018 or [email protected]. For more info go to or see Cleaner Living with Derek on YouTube or Facebook.

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