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Bonewalkers Plus for Bones, Balance, Posture, and Memory

Bonewalkers Plus for Healthy Bones and Body, is proud and excited to announce its 5th anniversary of serving Brevard's osteoporosis and joint challenged boomer, senior populations. Vicki Buckley, creator and lead instructor of Bonewalkers Plus, is an AFAA certified senior group fitness instructor. She designed this small group wellness class to improve bones, balance, posture and memory.

The class is perfect for those who are: graduates of physical therapy, re-entering an exercise routine, concerned about not re-injuring a favored joint or spine, seeking to try natural means before medication, finding group classes are too big, finding the gym too lonely, or wishing as caregivers they could exercise with their loved ones.

Bonewalkers Plus helps those with arthritis and those who have challenged joints either from life use, injury or surgery. As an added plus it is personalized for your current ability and engages you with others in class. “The pattern walking is meant to connect you with others as it tests your cross-brain motor planning. There is time to support, socialize and refresh one another between class segments,” says Buckley. The class ends with PACE, a meditative mindful posture, and she also incorporates healthy visualization and wellness suggestions.

Buckley says you can still have wellness for an imperfect body when you "don't deny, just modify.”

Small group exercise wellness classes are held at three locations: Satellite Beach (Monday 10:45 a.m., DSR Center), Melbourne (Wednesday, 9:30 a.m., Wickham Senior Center) and Merritt Island (Friday, 10:30 a.m., Hobbs Pharmacy). For more information, call Vicki Buckley at 321-759-4962.