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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Norwex January Special

Jan 02, 2017 02:13PM

The fast-growing Norwex company’s mission is to radically reduce the amount of toxic chemicals people use. “Our primary tool for reducing chemicals is through the best microfiber on the market,” says Derek Adams, Norwex Consultant. “For a product to be called microfiber, the fibers must be at least one-sixth the diameter of a human hair. Norwex microfiber is 1/200th the diameter of a human hair. All those little fibers act like fingers to help clean surfaces mechanically instead of chemically.”

In January, Norwex hosts can earn the Norwex Mop System (valued at over $100) for free. “Because there are no chemicals used with Norwex, letting children and pets crawl on the floor is worry-free. Plus, it saves time because there is no rinsing involved,” says Adams.

To host a party either in your home or online, contact Derek Adams at 505-227-3018 or [email protected].. New consultants can also earn a Mop System. For more info go to Go green now-ask me how!

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