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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Nutritional Lifestyle Guidance in Cocoa Beach

Dr. Steve Alukonis, D.C., DABCO, at Space Coast Advanced Health in Cocoa Beach is pleased to announce Jenn Albers has completed her integrative nutrition health coach certification. Space Coast Advanced Health is becoming one of the leaders in functional medicine in Central Florida. In addition to finding the underlying causes of chronic conditions, Dr. Alukonis recognizes that health coaches are the forefront of today's health revolution. “At a time when one in five people die of a lifestyle related disease and diabetes and obesity are at an all-time high, health coaches are providing the nutritional lifestyle guidance society desperately needs to find its way back to optimal health,” states Dr. Alukonis.

Jenn Albers, is highly educated in the fields of nutrition, wellness, bio individuality, mentoring and functional medicine studies. In addition to being credentialed as a health coach, she's also a gluten-free practitioner helping those with digestion and malabsorption issues. She has helped many discover exactly what is holding them back by focusing on cultivating positive health choices. Whether you want to just lose weight, increase energy or get healthy in the most efficient ways, she will take the time to help you discover what works best for your body.

Space Coast Advanced Health located at 299 N. Orlando Ave, Cocoa Beach. To make an appointment with Jenn Albers or for more information, call 321-783-1960 or visit