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Radiantly Healthy MD

Rebecca Hunton, MD has the distinction of being the only board certified Integrative Physician on the Space Coast. Finding that conventional medicine did not offer solutions for optimal health and wellness, she began a journey that led to a wealth of information not yet taught in conventional medical schools. Recognizing the need for this new type of medicine, Dr. Hunton founded the nationally recognized Radiantly Healthy MD. Dr. Hunton designed the center to help patients navigate their journey to whole health – finding focused solutions from multiple vantage points and different systems of medicine, including integrative, functional and holistic medicine.

At RHMD, they are dedicated to helping patients understand his or her core health issues and develop personalized treatment plans. Dr. Hunton continues to train her team in thinking exhaustively about each patient and expanding their options for health and healthy living. At RHMD, they believe health is much more than merely the absence of disease. It’s about feeling energetic, living without pain or discomfort, performing at your best, and aging gracefully. In short, being Radiantly Healthy.

“I believe good health care is preventive, proactive and personalized—a rarity today in our "disease care" system, which is far better at treating disease than healing and wholeness,” says Dr. Hunton. “I believe the decision to consult our practice leads to the opportunity and anticipation of enhanced health and well-being.”

Dr. Hunton earned her undergraduate degree at University of Florida and completed her medical training at The Ohio State University. She is board certified/fellowship trained in Family Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Geriatrics, Obesity Medicine, Anti-Aging and Restorative Medicine, and more.

For more information on Dr. Hunton and her practice, visit Radiantly Healthy MD is located at 150 Fifth Avenue Suite C, Indialantic, FL.  321-254-6803