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Smile Design and Implant Center

Biologic dentistry is a branch of dentistry that looks at the mouth and its structures as part of the whole body. It understands the relationship between the two and uses this information to provide dental treatment that is in harmony with overall health. It involves the use of dental materials that are biocompatible. Biologic dentistry is closely aligned with Minimally Invasive Dentistry, where attempts are made to save as much healthy tooth and gum structure as possible. It involves the use of biologically driven technologies such as Lasers, Ozone, Air Abrasion and Xylitol. Your journey to health may involve removing toxicities, which may include the removal of mercury amalgam fillings. Drs Edwards and Bunker are certified by the IAOMT and are part of the ¼ of 1% of dentists in the United States trained to safely remove and dispose of mercury.

“We know that there is a direct relationship between oral and systemic health and we partner with the patient to obtain higher levels of oral health. Prevention is the key,” says Dr. Edwards. “The exceptional tools we have here at Smile Design and Implant Center enable us to discover problems before they become large and expensive to repair. We repair them, saving as much tooth as possible and then teach you how to maintain a healthy oral ecology.”

Smile Design and Implant Center is located at 8247 Devereux Drive, Suite 102 in Viera. 321-751-7775,