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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

New Client Special at Harbor City Hypnosis

Barbara Banes, Certified Hypnotherapist and author of Career Advice From the Hypnotherapist:Concepting, Manifesting and Magnetizing, says the question she is asked most often is: Is hypnosis safe? The answer is: “Yes. Hypnosis is safe. Being deeply relaxed with a heightened awareness of your self is a safe state of consciousness for every human being.” Now serving the Space Coast area, Banes has enjoyed working from a whole person perspective with adults of all ages since 1988. “Offering quality hypnosis skills and long-term experience within a wide range of common to complex issues can lead to valuable lifetime benefits,” says Banes.

Located in downtown Eau Gallie, Banes offers new clients a no charge initial 30-minute office consultation to talk about the specialty services offered to you: Freedom from Chronic Habits, Relief of Long-term Stress and High Anxiety, Elective Surgery: Prepare for Your Successful Pre and Post-Op, Positive Self-Talk: Kick Your Inner Critic to the Curb, Antidote to Insomnia and other body/mind issues that are well known to respond positively with hypnosis. Banes states, “Hypnosis is the key to your subconscious (known as the other 90% of your mind) and is a powerful ally, and positively your greatest motivator.”

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