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Living Gluten Free










Local Resources to Support a Gluten-Free Lifestyle

Healing Your Gut
by Rebecca Hunton, MD

Did you know your gastrointestinal tract is 30-feet long and has the surface area of a singles tennis court? Did you know that over 60% of the human immune system lines it? Or that it has direct nerve and neurotransmitter connections to the brain?How about that there are more bacteria cells living within us than we have cells in our entire human body? Is it a surprise that there is more DNA in those bacteria than we have in ourselves? We call this collection of bacteria the human microbiome. Click here to read more

Do You Need to Eat Gluten-free?
by Donna G. Ivery, MD

Gluten is a protein composite present in the endosperm (starchy) component of the cereal grains of the triticeae family of grains (barley, bulgur wheat, durum, einkorn, farro, graham, kamut, rye, semolina, spelt and triticale).  Gluten is composed of a prolamin and a glutelin.  The gluten among grains differs in the prolamin they contain:  wheat’s prolamin is gliadin, barley’s prolamin is hordein, rye’s prolamin is secalin. Click here to read more

Where is Gluten Hiding?
by Dr. Brian P. Walsh, Chiropractic Physician

You’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or decided that you want to eliminate gluten from you diet – so how do you make that a reality without confusion and driving yourself crazy? The good news is that there are tons of resources on the web and in print that were not available when my wife and I started the gluten-free journey almost 20 years ago. Click here to read more

Local Directory of Gluten-Free Resources