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All Brevard Hot Tubs: Indian Harbour Beach

All Brevard Hot Tubs wants to help hot tub owners keep their tubs clean and sanitized. They recommend owners keep a working ozone generator in their tub, as it is a powerful oxidizer of contaminants in water. In addition, to reduce the potential for stinging eyes, skin irritation and unpleasant odors use a Nature 2 Stick that goes inside of the filter. This is a mineral sanitizer, which is a bromine-free alternative. By using this stick to eliminate odor problems, especially the odors of bromine, you can enjoy aromatherapy in your tub. The store now offers aromatic healing salts that contain minerals and vitamins. The Energy Salt is designed to reduce fatigue, inflammation, aches, pains, swelling, and stress. The Muscle Salt does all of the above but also reduces muscle and cartilage pain. There are also salts for joints, stress, sport, and respiratory therapy. Each salt has its own aroma so as your pores soak up the therapy minerals and vitamins you are enjoying a wonderful aromatherapy. All Brevard Hot Tubs does understand it can be difficult for some people to take care of a hot tub because of how it differs from a pool so they now offer a monthly maintenance program.

All Brevard Hot Tubs is located at 1767 S Patrick Dr, Ste E, Indian Harbour Beach. 321-777-6739