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Relaxation Enhances Healing

Aug 01, 2013 01:55PM

According to recent studies performed by The Center for Reiki Research, positive results were seen with over 93% of patients treated by experienced Reiki Masters. Reiki is a Japanese energy-based therapy that promotes healing and overall wellness.Many people report feeling a sense of warmth during the session. The deeply relaxed state the receiver enters during treatment enables the body to begin to heal and prevent illness. The Reiki induced relaxation lowers heart rate and reduces stress levels. Studies indicate that people heal better if they can remain in a low stress state. The American Cancer Society regards Reiki as a “safe” complementary cancer therapy. When used as a complementary therapy Reiki can ease the emotional and physical side effects of treatment. Finding a Reiki practitioner who has experience giving Reiki to cancer patients has the added benefit of having a caring, compassionate person to listen to concerns.

The Center For Evolutionary Health, Inc.,, 800-306-9967