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Optimize Your Immune System to Reduce Side Effects

Aug 01, 2013 01:54PM

Scientific data shows that we all have circulating cancer cells. A healthy immune system is vital in identifying and removing these cancer cells. Fortunately, there is testing available to identify areas of concern and interventions which help to restore the immune system to it optimal function. Nutritional and restorative-based interventions such as IV vitamin C and ONDAMED® can lead to signifi cant improvement in outcome and quality of life. The ONDAMED® employs pulse biofeedback called the Vascular Autonomic Signal (VAS). According to Dr. Dean it has been shown to turn on and recharge your cells, improve microcirculation, increase oxygenation (up to 200%), decrease infl ammation, improve lymphatic fl ow, help in nerve regeneration, help pain management and many other health promoting benefi ts. The goal is to optimize your immune system and reduce the potential side effects from traditional cancer therapies., 772-567-1500

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