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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Bring the Body Back into Balance

Reiki is a Japanese Technique for stress reduction and relaxation, bringing the body back into balance, relieving the flight or fight mode in which we live. This reduces the harmful, inflammatory chemicals and hormones released by the body under stress (adrenaline, cortisol and the like). The University of Michigan, theorizes that Reiki works by raising the vibration of the biofi eld. The biofield has been medically recognized as the multi-layered vibrational field which surrounds and penetrates the body. Over 800 hospitals, including John Hopkins and Duke University, offer Reiki to assist patients in overcoming the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation (nausea, fatigue, etc.), to boost the immune system, and speed recovery times. There are several ways to experience Reiki. For a “taste” of Reiki attend a Reiki Circle. For a treatment, schedule a private session or Reiki on site while you receive your chemotherapy treatments. Or learn to give yourself Reiki by taking a Reiki class.,772-257-6499.

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