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Natural Awakenings Space & Treasure Coast Florida

Soul Healing Group and Teleconference

Apr 30, 2013 09:09PM

Divine Crown Chakra Blessings, Divine Healing Hands Blessings and Soul Readings are offered in Brevard by Master Ellen Logan, Divine Channel and Disciple of Master Zhi Gang Sha, world-renowned master healer, soul leader, divine servant and New York Times bestselling author.

As a Divine Channel, Master Ellen shares profound knowledge, wisdom and practices to help you advance on your physical and soul journey. She also offers powerful blessings to clear soul, mind and body blockages. Soul blockages are negative karma created in past lifetimes. Mind blockages are caused by negative mindsets, negative attitudes, and negative beliefs. Body blockages are energy and matter blockages.

People are receiving this service for a wide range of health, relationship, and financial challenges, including opening the heart, transforming relationships, balancing emotions, improving their business, assisting their pets, or for any other aspect of life.

Master Ellen also offers Divine Healing Hands blessings and Soul Readings by appointment. On a weekly basis, you can learn and experience Divine Healing Hands blessings at Soul Power Group of Melbourne with Marsha Valutis and other Certified Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers, Wednesdays, 7–9 pm, Community Center for Healing Arts, 916 Columbus Ave., in Melbourne. Receive free Divine Healing Hands Blessings in the free daily teleconference from over 200 Divine Healing Hands Healers around the world.

Visit or call Marsha at 321-749-1084 for more information. 

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