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Priaulx Celebrates 33 Years in Business

Mar 27, 2013 07:41PM

Joanne Priaulx celebrates 33 years of helping people keep their colons clean through an FDA-approved process of colon therapy.

Priaulx uses a machine that introduces water into the large intestine by means of a disposable speculum and tubing that irrigates all seven feet of bowel. According to Priaulx, the introduction of water strengthens the peristaltic action of the colon, which moves material through and increases absorption of nutrients. Material is soaked and saturated and exits the bowel easily. “The result is a satisfying feeling of lightness, emptiness and re-hydration,” says Priaulx.

“Many people are plagued by inconsistent bowel habits, bloating and laxative abuse, often the result of prescription medications,” says Priaulx, who teaches her clients the tools to manage their digestive systems. According to Priaulx, even when one eliminates daily, it’s like brushing the teeth every day, periodically a deeper cleaning is needed.

Joanne Priaulx is offering $10 off each colonic to new and returning clients, up to a series of four. Colon Health Services, 874 W Eau Gallie, Melbourne. 321-242-1713. Visit and like them on facebook.