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Souler Float Spa opens in Melbourne

Feb 28, 2013 08:44PM

Souler Float announces the opening of a mind and body floatation therapy spa, which is open seven days a week in Melbourne.

Float therapy provides a sensory-free environment as the floater enters a custom made floatation pod containing 1,000 pounds of pharmaceutical grade Epsom salts dissolved into 10” of water. The water is heated to match the body’s skin temperature of 95 degrees. The water density allows the body to float effortlessly.

With no outside stimulation or distractions and the unique gravity-free environment, the therapeutic float is said to reduce stress.

“Conditions improved with float therapy include fibromyalgia, neck and back pain, arthritis, blood pressure, stress, fatigue and depression,” says owner Alex Ferda. “Floating is also used for meditation enhancement, self awareness development, sports visualization and spiritual progression.”

Souler Float provides multiple float packages with opening specials starting at $25. Float

sessions generally last one hour with a private, sanitized float pod, room and shower.

Souler Float, 1694A West Hibiscus in Melbourne. Open 9am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Appointments can be made at or at 321-591-9005. 

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