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New Holistic Modality for Pets

Cocoa Village Animal Wellness Center and Dr. Donna Ragona announce a new technology for holistic healing modality for pets: I-Therm technology.

“I-Therm technology utilizes a molecular hyperthermic technique that accelerates healing and promotes rapid removal of toxins in the body,” says Ragona. “The I-Therm’s power is in the three harmonic wavelengths that penetrate to a depth within the body not observed with other treatments. Creating a localized ‘fever’ within the body where the applicator pad is placed, this gentle, controlled heat provides relief from joint pain, spinal discomfort, arthritis, as well as healing in soft tissues and shrinkage of tumors. There are virtually no risks or side-effects and this treatment is highly efficacious and non-invasive. CVAWC has seen some amazing results using their I-Therm. Everything from helping lame animals regain mobility to shrinking cancerous tumors that were inoperable.”

To learn more about the I-Therm and what it can do for your pet, contact Cocoa Village Animal Wellness Center at 321-684-7060. Cocoa Village Animal Wellness Center is a full-service veterinary clinic at 224 Forrest Ave, Cocoa.

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