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Eplett Chiropractic Life Center Accepting New Patients

Nov 28, 2012 12:52PM

The Eplett Chiropractic Life Center specializes in upper cervical spinal correction and is accepting new patients. Dr. Eplett studied the Gonstead Technique in the mid ‘70s and has continued study of the Grostic method since 1979. He maintains that most people in our society have upper cervical problems which affect all of the body to some degree or another. “Our bodies will heal themselves if this region is clear of interference,” states Dr. Eplett.

“The atlas becomes misaligned very easily which limits the flow of the 13,000,000 life signals a minute. When these signals are not reaching the body, the body doesn’t work at its optimal level and some sickness results,” says Dr. Eplett. “This is why upper cervical care is important to insure proper body functioning. With all of the brains signals flowing, the body can heal itself before you ever get symptoms.”

For more information call 321-733-4434 or visit Eplett Chiropractic Life Center is located at 429 Fifth Ave in Indialantic.

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