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Sebastian Film Featured at NYC Film Festival

Billy Yeager and his wife, Anais, are excited to announce their second feature film "Sebastian Beach One Fine Day" which is an official selection in the Feature Films category at the NYC Surf Film Festival. The film demonstrates the impact of Yeager’s Transcendental Musical Vibration. “Transcendental Music is created by producing specific sacred geometric wave frequencies,” states Yeager. “These frequencies cause a higher conscious awareness allowing one to move more swiftly and effectively into self-enlightenment. It also rebuilds DNA, and a host of other health benefits.”

The film features a small 2-inch sea turtle found on a jungle trail near A1A across from the ocean. The turtle appears dead and the Yeagers take it home to try and revive it by playing his vibrational music. “The turtle miraculously comes to life and is released into the ocean,” states Yeager.

Yeager discovered the "Transcendental Chords and Vibration" by sending the geometric vibrations and wave frequencies to a medium of water, this water would then change shapes and form patterns as he increased or decreased the pitch with the pitch bender on the electronic keyboard.

To learn more about the film and Transcendental Music visit