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Psychoenergetics Now Offered at Cocoa Beach Wellness Center


Beth Lambdin, Brennan Integration Practitioner and Licensed Massage Therapist, recently completed five days of intensive training in Psychoenergetics at The Sevenoaks Pathwork Center in Madison, Virginia.

As the name implies, the work focuses on the psyche, meaning the conscious and unconscious minds, and on energetics, emphasizing the body. Artfully blending body and mind practices eases the way for transformational “ahas” to burst forth in the present moment.

Unfortunately, sometimes these “ahas” don’t translate into lasting change, leaving the core aspects of our personality and body unchanged. Psychoenergetics works with this natural tendency by stressing embodiment, both a firm commitment to the ground (or earth) and to the core of one’s own being. “The more embodied one is, the easier it is to awaken the unconscious material from our psyches and bring it forth for illumination,” says Lambdin. “Working in the here and now (with intention, attention, movement and touch), practitioners help their clients penetrate dense and habitual conditioning of the mind and body, so vital energy can emerge and integrate more fully in the day-to-day experience.”

Beth Lambdin, MBA, MS, LMT, is in private practice at the Cocoa Beach Wellness Center, 236 N. Atlantic Ave, where she integrates on-going training within her practice of energetic and massage therapies and personal transformation. Call 321-298-2743, email [email protected] or visit for appointments and additional information.