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Solene® Water Heating Systems Available


Solar Energy Systems of Brevard is proud to offer Solene® Water Heating Systems as a cost-effective home improvement. “Solar hot water is one of the simplest, most cost-effective home improvements that can immediately help you save energy, preserve our natural resources, and best of all, save money,” says Carl Moody.

“Each time your electric water heater kicks on, your meter spins as if you simultaneously turned on 45 100-watt light bulbs,” explains Moody. “Rate payers are being hit with rate increases and fuel surcharges. Solar energy helps put that money back in your pocket and reduces your family’s carbon footprint.”

Moody points out that “an electric water heater generally has to be replaced after only 5 to 7 years, while Solene® Systems can provide decades of trouble-free service. This water heating system has a back-up heating element in a high-efficiency solar storage tank to supply hot water, even during consecutive days of cloudy weather.”

In addition, solar differentiates your home and can help sell it faster. Home Appraisers now use the “Residential Green and Energy Efficient Addendum” to aid in the valuation of properties.

“Consumers can take 30% of the total cost of their system as a Federal Tax Credit, as well as, a $1000 cash rebate from FP&L,” says Moody.

For more information on having a Solene® System installed in your home call Solar Energy Systems of Brevard at 321-253-3232 or visit

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